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Making The Most Of Your Space

Office Space Planning Definition: The forward planning to ensure a business is using their existing (or proposed) physical space in its best possible way to help it reach its goals. often this involves employee seating and desk arrangements. 

Space planners utilise CAD (computer aided design) software to maximise office space and plan layouts on a computer. CAD is an editable drawing drawn to scale that allows you to accurately plan your layout and furniture before you move into a space, or to re-plan an existing office to make the space more efficient. 

Bad space planning or lack of, can mean a business thinks they need a new office space when actually they can just make better use of what they already have for a few more years. Most offices have quite a lot of wasted space and businesses are often surprised how many extra workspaces can be accommodated through a re-plan.

Realistically, there’s no magic bullet for when you have increased staff by ‘X’% and you still have ‘Y’ Sq.ft, but you should always consult with a space planner first before undertaking an office move as its more cost efficient. Some tenants are looking to fit in more staff, some are looking to increase communication between teams and some are looking for a space audit to identify what is where and how much space it is taking up.


Common Misconceptions

That you can get the best space planning for free! You can’t because service providers who offer free space planning put their goals before yours. This may include selling a particular range of furniture. Also the cost for their service will be added or hidden within the cost charged for other services. In total contrast, an independent Space Planner’s aim is to produce the best layout for you. 

That there is a set area required by Health & Safety legislation in the UK – for each person in an office. In fact there is no minimum area, but there is a minimum volume of space – given as 11 cubic metres (any space above 3m in height is not included)’


Things To Have In Mind

Before You Speak To Your Guru:

It’s a great idea to have decided a few things in advance. Answers to the adjacent questions will help the Guru to give you the best advice in the shortest time possible. 

Don’t worry if precise details about each aren’t yet known, but the more accurate you can be, the easier it will be for the Guru to help you. 

Are plans available of your space?

(Example answers)

We have an existing floorplan but some offices have changed

Are the plans in CAD (Computer Aided Design) or PDF file format?

We have both CAD and PDF drawings available

What is your overall aim?

Better communication between teams and more staff in the West corner.

Are you Looking to re-use existing furniture?

Yes, we’d like to reuse most of it but our Break-out furniture needs replacing

Your Guru will be Jonathan

With over 20 years experience in office space planning, a degree in architecture and a passion for problem solving, Jonathan is just who you need to maximise your office & furniture layout. Ask your ‘space planning’ question and Jonathan will guide you to the best and most effective solution.

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