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Streamlining complex procedures

Office Construction Project Management Definition: The application of skills, processes, knowledge and experience to achieve office construction objectives within agreed parameters. This can include fit-out projects, negotiations and settlements of dilapidation claims. 

Office occupiers are a corner stone of Real Estate in the UK. As the end-user customer of all Landlords they hold the key to investment values and property investor’s returns. They are also protected by UK Statute for their liabilities at each property and the standard an office property should be built to.

Sound expert advice when acquiring, moving into or out of, property in the UK is essential to each occupier to ensure they not only understand and mitigate their liability but also understand other’s liabilities and their duty of care and responsibilities to them.


Common Misconceptions

– We don’t need to worry about dilapidations because the office was in a worse condition than we found it.

– We don’t need a project manager as we did the fit-out 5 years ago and nothing has changed.

– We don’t need to worry about dilapidation because the Landlord is going to refurbish the offices when we move out.

– We have the time in-house to Project Manage the fit-out works and relocation to our new offices.


Things To Have In Mind

Before you speak to your Guru:

It’s a great idea to have decided a few things in advance. Answers to the adjacent questions will help the Guru to give you the best advice in the shortest time possible. 

Don’t worry if precise details about each aren’t yet known, but the more accurate you can be, the easier it will be for the Guru to help you. 

When does your lease expire?

(Example answers)

In 10 months

What is your current and projected headcount?

Currently 55, projecting 62 by middle of next year

Will your business needs change in the next 3-5 years?

Yes, we want a bigger technology and marketing team

Have you assessed your current leasehold liabilities?

Not yet

Project management & surveyor head shot

Your Guru will be Paul

Paul is an RICS Chartered Surveyor providing Project Management services to occupiers of business premises throughout the UK and Europe. Paul provides the pivotal link between the Client and the wider supply chain, to ensure best price and programme is achieved to meet the brief. Paul also specialises in advising on Dilapidations Liabilities, including assessments of the potential liability and negotiations with Landlords to minimise the Client’s Claim.

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