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virtual tours – what you need to know

Virtual Tour Definition:  Simulation of space with the help of video, 360° footage or still photos as a realistic example of reality. 

The development of Virtual Tours has been an exciting new area of media in online showcasing. Great photography will always have a place, however, the opportunity to fully grab your audience and communicate the space with 360°, 3D & virtual reality should be considered. 

When is it best to use the technology and what are your options? 

Many businesses are yet to try one of the new technologies, so setting aside a budget for one can feel a little daunting compared to tried and tested activities, but it should feel exciting. Adding Virtual Tours to your media output can mean a step-change in the way you do business and communicate to different stakeholders. 

Some example uses are Stakeholder marketing, improving management of sites from head office (fewer visits), Executive sign-off on a build, Construction handover stage documentation, Training material and there are many more. 

The industry has moved a long way from difficult-to-navigate 360 panoramas with complicated interfaces and unusable mobile experiences. 

Common Misconceptions

– You need specialist software to view Virtual Tours

– Virtual Tours are difficult to add to a website

– You always need a VR headset

Other Definitions

3D Virtual Tour Definition: A tour using real spacial measurements to create 3D versus Flat Virtual Recreation, more often as a interactive environment the user explores for themselves.

VR (Virtual Reality) Definition: Content that’s only used with a VR headset. It can be used to display real 360° photos, video or completely computer generated environments which react to your input e.g. VR video gaming. 

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Things To Have In Mind

Before you speak to your Guru:

It’s a great idea to have decided a few things in advance. Answers to the adjacent questions will help the Guru to give you the best advice in the shortest time possible. 

Don’t worry if precise details about each aren’t yet known, but the more accurate you can be, the easier it will be for the Guru to help you. 

What’s the budget?

(Example answers)

My budget is roughly …

Is the space ready?

We expect the building to be finished around …

Who’s it for?

Examples: Potential tenants or customers (marketing), Construction site Management (internal communications), building contractors, documentation or other?

How big?

22,000 Square Feet

Your Guru will be Christian

Christian is 3D Matterport & Google Certified and has worked on a range of different and challenging projects of various sizes for SME’s and nationally known companies. If you’re unsure of the considerable benefits that a 3D Virtual Tour of your premises can deliver Christian is the Guru who will demystify the process and explain the steps involved.

Christian specialises in Matterport 3D Tours and Google Street View.

Christian will literally put you on the map!

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