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Who We Are, What We Do And Why We Do It

You’d be right to expect to see quite a bit here about us, but OfficeFAQs.com is more about you!

We wanted you to have a ‘Go-To’ place for all your office-related questions.

OfficeFAQs.com will assist you in every way possible and puts you just one-click away from some of the best people in the office world.

At OfficeFAQs.com you have access to people who everyday ‘Walk The Walk and Talk The Talk’ and who cover all aspects of the office sector.

You’ll find and meet some amazing people who ‘live and breathe’ their particular niche, skill or discipline and who are engagingly proud of what they do and achieve.

It’s good for you to know these people and they love sharing their hard earned knowledge and finely crafted skills with you!

Areas of expertise cover, but aren’t limited to, Finding Office Space, Lease Negotiation, Office Design, Fitting-Out, Refurbishment, Furniture, Dilapidations, Legal and right through to the disposal of office space.


Years Of

We’re very precious and guarded about who we let become a Guru at OfficeFAQs.com

Accordingly everyone is either very well known by us, is personally and highly recommended to us by one of our existing Gurus, or is an established and recognised authority in their chosen discipline.

Also we genuinely believe that our team consists only of ‘Gurus’ and we acknowledge Dictionary.com’s definition of a Guru:- 

guru [goo r-oo, goo-roo]  A leader in a particular field

You can rest assured that every person and company at OfficeFAQs.com, is certainly a leader in their field.